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From: David Deakins (ddeakins_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-16 15:15:11

Mateusz Loskot wrote:

> does the take-up of this thread mean current version of
> Boost is fully compilable using Visual C++ for Windows CE platforms?

Not all libraries in Boost can currently be compiled for Windows CE, but
many of them can, provided that you are using Visual C++ 2005 and that
you use something like STLport or Dinkumware to suppliment the standard
C++ library that comes with Windows CE. There are also some omissions
in the standard C libraries for Windows CE that cause problems with
certain Boost libraries and we are looking into possible ways to address
this (maybe having a future version of STLport supply some CRT function
supplements as well). Based on my experience, I think it is quite
possible to have much of Boost work on the WinCE platform.

> Where could I find some details or instructions about how to do full
> Boost build for Windows CE?

Some of this is still a work in progress and I don't have any good
documentation at the moment. As a starting point though you'll want to
download STLport 5.1.3 or the Dinkumware C++ library for WinCE. Then,
once you have that building, pull up the Boost Development regression
test reports and click on the VeecoFTC column to bring up our comments.
  That will give you a look at the user-config.jam file that we are
using with Boost.Build to make Windows Mobile 5 libraries for testing.
At the moment, the Boost.Build support for STLport 5 is broken in
stlport.jam so it has trouble linking to the correct STLport libraries.
  I have submitted a patch for this, so hopefully it will be included in
the SVN trunk version of stlport.jam soon.

> I'm also interested in having WinCE an officially supported platform.
> Do you think it would be possible?

I think it is possible and to move in that direction we have begun the
post nightly regression test results for testing on Windows CE.
Presently, these look much worse than they should because of the
previously mentioned bug in stlport.jam and also because there are some
minor modifications needed to Boost.Test to accommodate differences
between full-blown Win32 and WinCE (WinCE does not support structure
exception to C++ exception translation and Boost.Test tries to turn this
on for all Win32-type platforms).


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