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From: K. Noel Belcourt (kbelco_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-09-16 17:55:36


When checking my results this afternoon I noticed this error message
(no file specified!) that I've never seen before. It occurs while
trying to build process jam log. It seems like this was working fine
up until just recently.

-- Noel

[MKDIR] bin.linux
[COMPILE] bin.linux/bjam
...updated 2 targets...
# Searching for "bjam" in "/var/scratch2/boost/boost/tools/jam/src"...
# bjam succesfully built in "/var/scratch2/boost/boost/tools/jam/src/
bin.linux/bjam" location
# Preinstalled "/var/scratch2/boost/process_jam_log" is not found;
building one...
# Found "process_jam_log" source directory "/var/scratch2/boost/boost/
# Building "process_jam_log" ("/var/scratch2/boost/boost/tools/jam/
src/bin.linux/bjam" --v2 "-sBOOST_BUILD_PATH=/var/scratch2/boost" "-
sBOOST_ROOT=/var/scratch2/boost/boost" gcc)...
warning: Graph library does not contain optional GraphML reader.
note: to enable GraphML support, set EXPAT_INCLUDE and EXPAT_LIBPATH
to the
note: directories containing the Expat headers and libraries,
warning: skipping optional Message Passing Interface (MPI) library.
note: to enable MPI support, add "using mpi ;" to user-config.jam.
note: to suppress this message, pass "--without-mpi" to bjam.
note: otherwise, you can safely ignore this message.
Building Boost.Regex with the optional Unicode/ICU support disabled.
Please refer to the Boost.Regex documentation for more information
(don't panic: this is a strictly optional feature).
no file specified!
# Searching for "process_jam_log" in "/var/scratch2/boost/boost/dist/
# Sending report to "kbelco_at_[hidden]"
# Sending mail through ""...
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "", line 1019, in <module>
     commands[ command ]( **accept_args( args ) )
   File "", line 812, in regression
     v2, [] )
   File "", line 459, in setup
     build_if_needed( process_jam_log, pjl_toolset, toolsets, v2 )
   File "", line 405, in build_if_needed
     tool[ 'build_path' ] = tool_path( tool, v2 )
   File "", line 368, in tool_path
     , '\n'.join( [ name_or_spec[ 'path' ], build_path_root ] )
Exception: Cannot find "process_jam_log" in any of the following

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