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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-15 18:53:34

Rene Rivera wrote:
> I just checked in the changes to the script(s) to allow
easier testing of any branch. Along with them I did some minor file
rearrangement. But with all the changes the old version of
is still alive in the usual location. Such that we don't interrupt
testing. Now for the new testing...

Thanks, Rene! This should be a big help.

> If you are interested in doing some testing with the new scripts
there is one requirement (currently): it only supports getting code from
SVN. This *might* change when we can get the tarball working again, but
I didn't bother at the moment as it's impossible to test it :-( For now
here are some short docs on what to do, while I write up some longer docs:
> * Create a new directory for the branch you want to test.
> * Download the new script
<> into
that directory.
> * Run the "python [options] [commands]" as you would for
> * To test trunk use "--tag=trunk" (the default), and to test the
release use "--tag=branches/release". Or substitute any Boost tree of
your choice.
> There are a few option and command changes in the rework but overall
the options are the same:
> usage: [options] [commands]
> commands: cleanup, collect-logs, get-source, get-tools, patch,
> regression, setup, show-revision, test, test-clean, test-process,
> test-run, update-source, upload-logs

It looks like the default if commands is omitted is to download the
tools_regression_source directory, but do nothing else.

Shouldn't the default be 'regression'?

I'm running branch/release tests now with the command set to
'regression' and it seems to be working.



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