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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-04 04:39:14

John Pavel wrote:
>> 1) You appear to be running an outdated regression test script:
>> please switch to the current version of "" in SVN as whatever
>> Boost version you're testing it's not current unfortunately :-(
> OK. Got that now. As another poster has noted, the documentation
> still refers to the old versions.

Rene's working on moving this website stuff so that it can be changed much
more easily between releases.

>> 2) Please use a more informative name for the tests than "msvc": see
>> the
>> other testers results for examples.
> I can't use the logical toolset name -- msvc-9.0 or msvc-9.0B2 -- as
> 9.0 is not a know subfeature of toolset msvc. It would be good if
> the utility help listed the recognised values.

You probably need to provide and edit your user-config.jam so it contains:

using msvc : 9.0 ;

I realise this is an extra hassle, but that's what you get for testing a
beta compiler :->

for the docs on user-config.jam.

>> 3) Please add some contact info to your "about" page, so we know who
>> you are
> OK, although the expected syntax of the comment.html file is not
> clear to me.

Not sure either: but I think it's HTML markup but with just the contents of
the <body></body> section included. It gets escaped and injected into the
XML report.

HTH, John.

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