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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-07 09:57:42

A number of our reports display the report time, usually as UTC.

While in theory this is fine, in practice I find it cumbersome to first
do the mental conversion to local time, then to the 12 hour clock time
I'm most comfortable with.

Is there a relatively easy and reliable way for Javascript, or some
other technology available in popular browsers, to display a time as
local time?

I looked on the web, but everything I found wanted me to take several
hours to learn far more about date processing than I want to know.

See below for typical code that would have to be converted, in this case
from compiler_status.html.




   char run_date[128];
   std::time_t tod;
   std::time( &tod );
   std::strftime( run_date, sizeof(run_date),
     "%X UTC, %A %d %B %Y", std::gmtime( &tod ) );

   std::string rev = revision( boost_root );

   report << "<html>\n"
           "<title>Boost Test Results</title>\n"
           "<body bgcolor=\"#ffffff\" text=\"#000000\">\n"
           "<table border=\"0\">\n"
           "<td><img border=\"0\" src=\"\"
width=\"277\" "
           "<h1>Boost Test Results - " + platform_desc() + "</h1>\n"
           "<b>Run</b> "
        << run_date;

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