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From: Richard Webb (richard.webb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-12-15 16:14:07

Is it supposed to be possible to run the regression tests using the bjam -j
option? I tried doing an incremental run using -j2 and it resulted in some extra

For example, running the filesystem tests with -j2 results in:

====== BEGIN OUTPUT ======
API is Windows

initial_path<path>().string() is

initial_path<fs::path>().file_string() is

sizeof(boost::uintmax_t) = 8
 capacity = 260066902016
     free = 186045030400
available = 186045030400
operations_test.cpp(550): test it == fs::directory_iterator() failed in
function: 'int __cdecl test_main(int,char *[])'
operations_test.cpp(613): test !fs::exists( from_ph ) failed in function: 'int
__cdecl test_main(int,char *[])'
create_hard_link() attempt failed
filesystem_error.what() reports: boost::filesystem::create_hard_link: Cannot
create a file when that file already exists:
create_hard_link() may not be supported on this file system
create_symlink() attempt failed
filesystem_error.what() reports: boost::filesystem::create_symlink: The request
is not supported:
create_symlink() may not be supported on this file system
begin copy_file test...
E:\Development\BoostSVN\boost/test/minimal.hpp(123): exception
"std::runtime_error: boost::filesystem::copy_file: The file exists:
"E:\Development\BoostSVN\libs\filesystem\test\temp_fs_test_dir\d1\f2"" caught in
function: 'int __cdecl main(int,char *[])'

**** Testing aborted.
**** 3 errors detected
====== END OUTPUT ======

Possibly because operations_test and operations_test_dll are trying to access
the same files at the same time?

Richard Webb

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