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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-02-07 05:48:03

Without wanting to be too pedantic (!), do we have a policy about which
toolsets are tested on the release branch? I'm asking because we currently
have a large number of failures for the "stdcxx" (Apache std lib) tests.
Whilst we certainly should be testing this on the trunk going forward, it's
not previously been a required release platform, hence the large number of

There are also one set of results (for msvc-8.0-stdcxx-4.2.1) that appear to
failing almost everything and isn't even compiling the "hello world"
config_info program:

IMO this failure is made worse because the toolset used is simply called
"msvc-8.0" so it shows up as a *required* platform, rather than a
currently-unsupported one. Likewise the Sunpro and gcc tests with the
apache std lib are simply called "gcc-4.2.1" and "sun".

Apologies to the test runner for the gripe: we really do need you and
appreciate the effort! It's just that we also need to be able to clearly
focus on what is and is not required for *this next release*.

Thanks, John.

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