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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-06-12 12:39:15

I reduced the number of tests from the serialization library. Previously I
had separate tests for static/dynamic library versions. I think I
eventually discovered that the request for static ones was being overridden
on at least some platforms so a lot of stuff was being tested redundently.
I also removed testing of the demos from the library. Hopefully this makes
testing of the serialization library less of a burden on our testing
resources. There is one thing though, the test results tables show that for
the following testers:



Test results from tests which have been removed are still being shown. The
tests were removed weeks (if not months) ago but the results still are
shown. Worst of all, they are shown with a recent date rather than the date
the test was run. Needless to say, this is very confusing. I believe that
all this can be addressed by clearing out all the test results for the
serialization library before the next round of tests. Thanks in advance for
doing this.

On a slightly different note:

The serialization library has a lot of tests which are run only in
environments which correctly support wide character io. The Jamfile has
code in it to make the running of these tests conditional on the passing of
tests whch are part of the config library. That is, if a given test in the
config library can't pass, then its pointless to run tests on code which
depends upon correct functioning of this more basic functionality. This
saves wasting a huge amount of time. The only problem is that this shows up
as a test failure in the test matrix. Besides being misleading, it means
that one has to go check the cause of these failures to verify that it is in
fact a failure, or just an test that was not run due to other problems.
Better would be a wider array of test results:

test passed
test passed with warnings

test failed at compile time
test failed at link time
test failed at run time

test could not be run because library build failed
test could not be run due to failure of dependency

Robert Ramey

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