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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-06-29 15:03:09


These still contain tests which have been removed from the test suite a very
long time ago. This creates a large number of empty boxes in the test
matrix. Worse, the results from the old tests are intermixed with what I
presume to be more recent ones. Very confusing. Is it possible to
reinitialize this in some way so that only current tests are shown?


All the wide character tests fail with this compiler on darwin. The message

xilibtool: executing 'libtool'
ld: internal error: output_local_symbols() inconsistent local symbol count
libtool: internal link edit command failed

I'm not sure what that means. Usually if the platform doesn't support wide
character streams
one gets a test failure on config/wide_streambuf_fail. So I don't know what
to make of this.


Tests with borland have started to pass. I'm not sure if that's due to
recent changes
in the serialization library or some change in the test setup. In any case,
this is a
very pleasant surprise to me. Of course this raises a few new issues:

a) All tests which use binary archives fail to compile.

b) All tests with std::complex compile

b) All tests with std::vector fail to compile - I'm checking in a fix for

c) All tests with export fail to instantiate necessary instances - I'm
looking into this.

Huang-Vista-x64 intel- vc9- win- 10.1_x86_64

boost exception fails to compile. I don't know the status of this. I think
I did see discussion
of checking boost/exception into release - this would suggest that perhaps
its too soon
to do this.

steven_watanabe-como como- win-

Due to recent checkings this has started to work. Again, very good news to
me. And
again - raises some issues:

a) All test_array compilations fail. No compile time error messages appear
in the
output - this is truely annoying. I want to see this fixed - but I have no
idea what to do!

b) The wide character component of the library fails to build due to
problems with
boost exception.

c) xml tests of std::list, vector and std::set compile and link but fail to
run - which no indication as
to why - very frustrating. My guess would be that there is an issue with
spirit. Tthe large number
of test failures in the trunk version of spirit would support this guess.

Robert Ramey

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