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Subject: [Boost-testing] process_jam_log and compiler_status producing invalid report
From: Steven Solie (ssolie_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-03-02 01:58:17

I'm working on AmigaOS which has poor Python support and I'm trying
to use the old process_jam_log and compiler_status tools with 1.38.0.

I've managed to build the tools but there seems to be a problem with
the way the subdirectories are being handled.

For example, I have the following
directory tree:
     gcc-4.2.4 (dir)
          release (dir)
               link-static (dir)
                    runtime-link-static (dir)
                         c_compiler_checks (dir)
                           posix_api_check.o test_log.xml
                      posix_api_check.output posix_api_check.test

Notice the test_log.xml files in the parent and c_compiler_checks

This seems to confuse compiler_status and I get a report
which claims the test failed when I know the test passed.

Here is what compiler_status outputs:
Library | Test Name | Test Type | gcc-4.2.4
regex | posix_api_check | run | Fail

The "Fail" word is not a link either. It should say "Pass".

The problem only seems to happen when the object files
are being stored in a subdirectory as above which outputs
the extra test_log.xml file.

Any ideas on how I might fix this?


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