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Subject: [Boost-testing] library_status executable on windows for parsing 1.48.0 test results
From: Stein, Ruben (ruben.stein_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-01-14 08:06:52

Hello together,

I am currently trying to run the regression tests for specific boost libraries (1.48.0). I did so following the instructions on the page:

I had no success building the library_status executable from withing 1.48.0 on windows, since at that time there were adjustments for the filesystemv3 API, which do not work on windows (path::string_type is std::wstring on windows). I am using MSVC-10 on Windows 7 x64.

So I decided to compile the most recent version of library_status from the trunk. That version was compilable and I managed to run the regression test for my first library (I tried regex).
That version of library_status now failed with the error message "invalid bin directory structure", which originates from l146 of library_status.cpp. In there, the tool checks if a directory contains either files or folders. It considers directories with files as leaves and assumes that no directory has files _and_ folders. This however is the case for e.g. the "bad_expression_test.test" directory I get after running the tests. (see attachment: directory_listing_bad_expression_test.test.txt)

So I uncommented the line throwing the exception. This however seems to be no good idea. Instead of a cleanly formatted table like the example in the link on top, I get an ill formatted table I don't really understand, since it has similar named columns and rows. (see attachment: library_status.html)

Can anybody help me getting a library_status executable for windows, which can handle the results from a boost 1.48.0 test run and generate a sane table?

Regards Ruben

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