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Subject: Re: [Boost-testing] revisions and timestamps
From: Daniel James (dnljms_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-01-21 15:24:35

On 21 January 2014 18:44, Vicente J. Botet Escriba
<vicente.botet_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Le 20/01/14 01:07, Daniel James a écrit :
>> The date would be from the super project. Updates to use the latest
>> version of a module are automated and pushed almost immediately after
>> a commit, so the dates for automatic commits should be reliable.
> Github is showing the date of the local commit. What I need to do to make
> GitHub show the remote commit?

I don't think you can, you can see pushes elsewhere. My point was that
the super project's commits are a reliable way to deal with this. I
have half a plan to make the commit messages better which should help,
it will need to maintain a full mirror on the server though.

>> We can get the committer date for a revision using:
>> git show --pretty="format:%cd" --no-patch HEAD
> With my git installation I'm getting
> git show --pretty="format:%cd" --no-patch HEAD
> fatal: unrecognized argument: --no-patch
> git --version
> git version (Apple Git-26)
> Should I update to a newer git version?

That command is more for scripting purposes than for your use, but I
think you can use:

git show --pretty="format:%cd" -s HEAD

But you might find it more useful to just use the more verbose version
of 'git log':

git log --format=fuller

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