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Subject: Re: [Boost-testing] Tests failing, missing user.hpp
From: Jim Bell (Jim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-02-10 13:55:07

On 2014-02-10 11:44 AM, Jim Bell wrote:
> ...
>> In the output, I see:
>> mklink-or-dir boost\config
>> Junction created for boost\config <<===>>
>> libs\config\include\boost\config
>> which looks correct. Can you verify that this
>> junction is correct after the tests finish?
> Here's the problem: boost_root\boost\config, a junction, appears
> correct (and presumably didn't fail on creation), but doesn't show
> what's on the other side of the junction. It shows an empty dir instead.
> In fact, MOST junctions under boost_root appear to be broken in the
> same way. Here's a listing of "dir /S" in boost_root\boost:
> I perused ownership and security properties for them but don't see
> anything suspicious.
> The content of boost_root/libs/config seems ok:

Using SysInternals' junction command, I successfully deleted the
junction boost_root\boost\config, then recreated it. It looks slightly
different in the directory listing, BUT IS STILL BROKEN:

2014-02-10 12:02 PM <JUNCTION> config

BTW, I'm running Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]

My F: drive is NTFS, nothing suspicious-looking that I can see.

I created a junction to F:\boost in my root directory, and that works as
expected. I then descended into each subdirectory towards
boost\msvc\develop\boost_root\boost, creating a junction and testing it,
and all worked as expected. But each was to a peer directory of that one.

I then did it again, starting at F:\ and working toward
boost_root\boost, creating a junction to
F:\boost\msvc\develop\boost_root\libs\config\include\boost using the
absolute path. All worked as expected.

Then I tried it with some relative paths (not from root of course), but
they worked. Then I tried it again, and it worked this time:

F:\boost\msvc\develop\boost_root\boost>junction config

Junction v1.06 - Windows junction creator and reparse point viewer
Copyright (C) 2000-2010 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals -

Created: F:\boost\msvc\develop\boost_root\boost\config
Targetted at: F:\boost\msvc\develop\boost_root\libs\config\include\boost

F:\boost\msvc\develop\boost_root\boost>dir config
  Volume in drive F is 2013-03
  Volume Serial Number is CC42-4218

  Directory of F:\boost\msvc\develop\boost_root\boost\config

2014-01-25 06:11 AM <DIR> .
2014-01-25 06:11 AM <DIR> ..
2014-02-09 05:24 AM <DIR> config
2014-01-25 06:11 AM 2,112 config.hpp
2014-01-25 06:11 AM <DIR> detail
2014-01-25 06:11 AM 6,146 limits.hpp
2014-01-25 06:11 AM 1,121 version.hpp
                3 File(s) 9,379 bytes
                4 Dir(s) 408,906,936,320 bytes free

And the working one looks the same as before:
2014-02-10 12:41 PM <JUNCTION> config

The other untouched ones are still broken.

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