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Subject: [Boost-testing] boost.test on BlueGene/Q
From: Ewart Timothée (timothee.ewart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-07-07 03:56:55

Hello all,

I am Tim HPC software developer, I performed tests with boost test framework since several years.
Nevertheless I get issues on my new running platform the BG/Q.

If I start my job on the BG/Q I get the following error message:

Test setup error: system_error produced by: ::sigaction( m_sig, &m_new_action, &m_old_action ) != -1: Invalid argument

I investigate and find the place where is performed this test, (test/impl/execution_monitor.ipp - line 677)

 677 // BOOST_TEST_SYS_ASSERT( ::sigaction( m_sig, &m_new_action, &m_old_action ) != -1

If I removed the assert I get the following

[ewart_at_bbpbg1 buildq]$ srun -n1 ./test/unit/memory/UnitTest_alignment_qpx_1
Test setup error: system_error produced by: ::sigaltstack( 0, &sigstk ) != -1: Function not implemented
2014-07-04 09:56:56.056 (WARN ) [0xfffa96b8e10] 18237:ibm.runjob.client.Job: normal termination with status 200 from rank 0

Ok it looks like the function is not implemented (on compute node != front end). I am not familiar with this system function. I made a terrible trick I just deleted all BOOST_TEST_SYS_ASSERT (which is very bad) of this file.
But I was able to run my tests without error (the test return YES if the test is ok or NO if not).

So can I survive without this BOOST_TEST_SYS_ASSERT() ?



Timothée Ewart, Ph. D.

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