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Subject: Re: [Boost-testing] CrystaX runners
From: Dmitry Moskalchuk (dm_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-03-20 11:07:36

Hi Raffi,

> The CrystaX suite of testers are failing the "error_handling_test"
> which are not failing in (almost) any other platform. The error
> indicates that a test file cannot be opened.
> I am wondering if this is related to a long path issue, but the runner
> is Linux, so this should not be the case.
> Otherwise, what is the current path when a test is executed?

This is simple. CrystaX runners are cross-platform runners, which
differs from other runners significantly. All tests are compiled on
Linux with help of CrystaX NDK and then uploaded to Android device and
executed there. To make it possible, I've written special helper
'adbrunner' (included to CrystaX NDK) which is used as testing.launcher.
It a) take executable with all it's command line arguments, b) tries to
distinguish arguments which are actually file names from others, c)
upload executable, needed shared libraries and detected files to Android
device and d) run executable on device. Of course, there could be bugs
in adbrunner where it don't detect some required files and don't upload
them to device. I'm pretty sure that's it in this specific case. You can
try fix it on your own, sending us pull request fixing adbrunner
for this specific case, or file us ticket
( and wait when we'll
fix it.

Dmitry Moskalchuk

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