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Subject: Re: [Boost-testing] CrystaX runners
From: Dmitry Moskalchuk (dm_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-03-20 12:03:24

> I believe this scheme cannot detect at all any relative path that is
> encoded in the binary itself, which is the problem in our case.
> The binary implicitly supposes that it is running inside the same
> folder as in the one of the source tree.

Yes, it can't, but we can fix adbrunner itself, adding specific code
branch so it know that in case of executable named
"error_handling_test", it should additionally copy hard-coded set of
files to device. This is not ideal, I know, but really I don't see
another way how to fix that without changing of test code itself.

Alternatively, you can fix sources of test and pass directory with files
as a command line argument (I personally would prefer this way since
it's less error prone).

> Wouldn't it be possible to mount a volume to those devices instead of
> copying? Or to copy the full source tree (maybe without the build
> folder)?

Unfortunately, it's just impossible to mount any folder to Android
device - 'adb' can't do that and network mounting just don't work.
Copying of whole sources tree most likely will not work, just because
it's too big for Android devices - as I see, right now whole Boost
source tree (without .git folder) is ~380 Mb, which is really too big
for Android devices or emulators (usually Android devices don't have so
much free space available for executables + their data). It depends on
specific device, but I clearly see that even though it might work on
some hi-end devices, many other (especially low-end) devices would just
be excluded from testing at all. I can try to do that though and see how
it will be really, but don't expect results too quickly (not earlier
than next week).

Anyway, this is not very good solution (IMHO) since this is not
Android-specific problem. The same would be for any other cross-platform
builds if it would be added in the future. So I really think it would be
better to pass paths to files/directories as a command-line arguments to
specific tests.

Dmitry Moskalchuk

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