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Subject: Re: [Boost-testing] Updated library_status for easier use..
From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-04-30 00:12:46

Rene Rivera-2 wrote
> Following up on the reorganization of the regression tools.. I'm happy to
> say that part of the changes I pushed last night include a cleaned up and
> easier to use library_status tool. Key changes, from the older version and
> the one Robert forked

lol - I'm not sure that's the right term as I wrote it in the first place

> , are:
> * Processing the jam log (i.e. process_jam_log) is integrated into it.

I'm not at all sure this is great idea.

What happens when there is not log to process? It's not uncommon for
me to run b2 - then find that there is a snafu of some sort. e.g. recently
I ran with toolset=gcc-4.9 on my mac os system when I should have
ran with darwin-4.8 Of course this created a column in the chart with
1000 lines of failures. To address cases like these it would be custom to
remove all the directories for the bogus tests and re-run library_status
which would re-build the chart.

I don't see how one is going to do that now.

> * Running b2 to build/run tests is also integrated into it (optionally).

which sounds like another bad idea. I'm not sure how one passes all the
command line parameters through library_status (I think library_status
has some of it's own also) but at the least it requires an update in
the documentation - which library_status hardly needed at all.

> Which means that there's no external support script(s) needed and that
> it's
> fully cross-platform single executable. Documentation is updated at <
>> on how to build
> it and on using it at <
> Obviously improvements from others welcome (as PRs).

OK, good luck with this. Shouldn't be a big issue since as far as I know
only two people
besides myself (and now you) have shown any interest.

But this does illustrate a big problem with boost tools. Here we've started
out a simple idea
and tarted it up to so that's not simple anymore. That's how our testing
system got to the
point where no who isn't required to use it does so. It's almost useless
for most of us.

BTW - I still can't see the complete error message in the Dev matrix for the
library - this is holding me up in getting my tests to pass so I can merge
to master.
When is this going to get fixed.

Robert Ramey

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