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Subject: Re: [Boost-testing] setup to test mngw- ...
From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-10-21 16:01:39

On 10/18/17 3:11 PM, Peter Dimov via Boost-Testing wrote:
> Robert Ramey wrote:
>> I was really hoping that installing some version of MSYS with it's
>> shell would give me similar results to cygwin.
> The best msys is this:
> Apart from that, you might also try STL's mingw distro:

Just to finish off this thread:

I ended up using the information on this page:

which gave me exactly what I wanted. It built a whole unix shell
environment. Then using the "Getting Started for unix" worked as

As additional background for anyone who might be interested.

I've been having difficulties getting the serialization library to build
and execute all tests since I implemented "visibility" for osx and unix
systems. MSVC implements this by default. This is much harder than it
should be due to

a) the "visibility" attributes vary in subtle ways across platforms.
b) the serialization library makes this more difficult as it seeks to
separate support for wide vs non-wide archives in separate dlls.

For a while I made progress by making changes and pushing them to the
develop branch and relying on the boost test matrix. But It got to the
point where I could make no more progress with this method. I run a mac
mini which I purchased because of a strong unix underpinning, good
support for the Clang compiler as of late I have interest in more
"cutting edge" stuff. My current system has a large SDD and 4 cores so
it runs very fast. Boost build exploits these cores to good advantage.
To address my problems with the serialization library I first installed
"Parallels" (c) then installed ubuntu linux. This setup works quite
well. In short order I was able to get things straightened out on
almost all linux platforms. I dragged my feet with windows. I have
many years experience with windows. I changed to my mac mini above in
large part because I found that there was too much IT overhead dealing
with windows. Constant upgrades of OS and VS etc. Developing with
CLang on my osx system has been much better for me.

But couldn't get the mingw tests to pass on the test matrix so I
installed a windows system under "Parallels". Then I installed cygwin
and msys under windows. Using boost build, I've got things to pass
under both these systems. I now how to go back and test the other
combinations under osx - clang, darwin-gcc, shared/static, debug/release
etc. This takes a lot of time. Maybe I'll be able to check in by early
next week.

One great thing about this system is that it lets me share the file
system among the different environments. So I run all tests with the
same files. Also it shares the "Library Status" test matrix so I now get
a humoungous test matrix which shows all the test results making it easy
to compare results across os,compilers, stl version, etc. etc.

Robert Ramey

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