Martin Wille wrote:
Rene Rivera wrote:
Following up on Aleksey's response, and the CVS->SVN move. We need the 
following testers to do a run against the 1.34.1 release tag:

Martin Wille

There were no changes to code since my most recent test run. I don't 
think rerunning the tests makes sense in this case.
ditto for me, no changes from last 1.34.0 to 1.34.1  but I did try it, and now process_jam_log blows up:
C:\Projects>"C:\Projects\boost\dist\bin\process_jam_log.exe" --v2 "C:\Projects\results"  0<"C:\Projects\results\bjam.log"

**** exception(205): std::runtime_error: boost::filesystem::exists
******** errors detected; see standard output for details ********

what do you guys want done??...

oh, there was an error building process_jam_log also........
compile-c-c++ ..\..\..\bin.v2\tools\regression\build\msvc-7.1\release\link-static\threading-multi\process_jam_log.obj
..\..\..\boost\test\impl\execution_monitor.ipp(214) : warning C4535: calling _set_se_translator() requires /EHa
        the command line options /EHc and /GX are insufficient

though I later found a copy of the .exe dated late last night which I tried to use w/ the above boost::filesystem::exists exception

what now?????

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