> The AIX nightly boost runs have been failing with an empty tools
> tarball. The file tools_bb.tar.bz2 is 46 bytes. Could someone have a
> look at what is happening for me?
> Thanks,
> # Getting Boost.Build v2...
> # Downloading "http://beta.boost.org/development/snapshot.php/trunk/
> tools/build/v2" to "/home/montana/boost_regression"...
> # Looking for old unpacked archives...
> # Unpacking boost tarball ("/home/montana/boost_regression/
> tools_bb.tar.bz2")...
> ...
> tarfile.ReadError: empty, unreadable or compressed file

We are still encountering this issue.  Do anyone know if there is a way to workaround it? Is there some way I can skip downloading the tools and just use the last good set that was built?  

Since no one else seems to be having this issue, it would lead me to believe that we are alone in using the get the source from tarballs for nightly testing.  

Chris Cambly
XL C++ Compiler Development