> This is taking longer than we expected.  
> Walking though the run.py output we can see that run.py successfully
> downloads the tarballs, builds bjam, configures python then no
> further output exist in the log file:
> ...
> notice: [python-cfg] include path: "/usr/local/bin/../python/
> include/python2.4"
> notice: [python-cfg] library path: "/usr/local/bin/../python/lib/
> python2.4/config" "/usr/local/bin/../python/lib"
> In a successful run from sometime ago we can see the next step is
> kicking off bjam to build process_jam_log:
>      ...patience...
>      ...found 490 targets...
>      ...updating 25 targets...
>      common.mkdir bin
> but this does not show up.
> bjam appears fine, I can use the bjam with no issues trying to rule
> out a bad build of bjam.  It would be helpful if we can get some
> additional tracing from regression.py.  Is this possible?  Any ideas?  

debug-level=x worked.

I believe we have the runs going again.  For some odd reason bjam appears to want walk the entire filesystem on the machine.  Some of our nfs mounts had gone stale causing bjam to hang.
Chris Cambly
XL C++ Compiler Development