Hi all,

I am running the AIX tester and have upgraded to version of the IBM compiler.
I believe that the current treatment of libraries marked unusable, especially when the tests are mostly passing, is unhelpful both for myself and to the community.
Since the results are masked out of the status page, how are people supposed to gauge for themselves whether or not the library is usable for them?

For example, the geometry/extensions tests all pass on the test results for the AIX runner except for issues with buffer_inserter.hpp.
If a user wanted to use geometry/extensions and did not have a need for the functionality tied to buffer_inserter.hpp, they are currently impeded from finding the actual status.

I am planning to investigate the web page generation to see if the behaviour can be changed to be more like the expected-failures marking.
Is there a strong opinion for sticking with the current behaviour of masking out all results for libraries marked unusable?

Feedback would be appreciated.


Hubert Tong

Hubert S. K. Tong
IBM Canada Ltd.
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