Hi Folks,
Sorry for the delay in responding. I run the Lazy Piranha  I don't think it is worth the effort to work on this right now.
 The main problem is that the intel compiler uses the GCC standard library and the 13.1.3 doesn't play nice with the GCC 4.8
series at least in C++11 mode. I will look into installing GCC 4.7.2 this weekend and see if that works any better.
Anyway the "good" news is that Intel will shortly release a service pack which should work properly with GCC 4.8 and have improved c++11 support.  So until I get either GCC 4.7 installed and working  or the new version of the Intel compiler comes out I will suspend testing the intel platform.
Again sorry for the delay and for the noise in the test results!

On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 2:07 AM, Gennadiy Rozental <rogeeff@gmail.com> wrote:
Daryle Walker <darylew <at> hotmail.com> writes:

> There's something about Boost.Test that makes it fail with Intel's
> C++ compiler on Linux in C++11 mode, looking at some of the "lazy
> piranha fedora 19 64 intel C++11" regression results.  Can it be
> fixed?

What are the errors? Might be rather tricky to fix without access to compiler.
Is the any volontiers with compiler at hand?


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