I finally have the changes to the regression scripts sufficiently complete that I've managed to do a few minimal cycles of regression testing from the git repos. I now need some help in various ways:

1. General testing..

I need some of the regular testers to do runs with their setups with the new scripts. To test I suggest starting from a new testing location. And follow the usual instructions except get the run.py script from <https://raw.github.com/boostorg/boost/develop/tools/regression/src/run.py>. The options are exactly the same as the SVN version of the scripts (the --tag is mapped to master or develop as needed). If you run patch scripts you will have to adjust paths for the new arrangement. In particular the boost tree is now checked out to <testing-root>/boost_root.

2. Non-nix testing..

I don't have the time or resources available to check if the scripts and git invocations work on Windows. I need one person to test and likely make changes to the regression script to do the right things on Windows. Testing should be the same as above. But doing changes locally and testing them is challenging. The procedure I use is (as shell commands):

> mkdir testing-dev
> cd testing-dev
> link <BOOST_DEVELOP>/tools/regression/src/run.py run.py
> ln -s < BOOST_DEVELOP>/tools/regression/xsl_reports xsl_reports
> ln -s < BOOST_DEVELOP>/tools/regression/src tools_regression_src
> ./run.py --runner=<RUNNER_NAME> --skip-script-download --use-local

That lets you edit the regression.py and run.py scripts in your local develop checkout. The options make it skip most of the run.py code, but otherwise make it behave as the regular testing except using your local changes. If you need to test changes to run.py in the normal use case you will have to commit+push the changes and then test. 

3. Report generation..

It seems that the reports are failing to get generated for some reason. I suspect that the new scripts putting the git commit SHAs as the tested version number are messing up the results generation. I need someone familiar with the result generation to fix this.

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