On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 3:42 AM, Joaquin M Lopez Munoz <joaquin@tid.es> wrote:

Unless I'm mistaken, the develop testing results page currently
has two testers running *master* revisions:

* marshall-mac: rev f612fc
* DebSidC++: rev f612fc

I don't know whether this is a misconfiguration problem on the testers'
side or a bug in the testing/reporting scripts.

The "How do you interpret the SHA1 revision (outdated results)?" thread came to the came conclusion.

My guess for a fix is marshall-mac and DebSidC++ to:

* Delete the test directory.
* Start fresh in a new test directory as if these runners were brand new.  "Starting fresh" should include downloading a fresh copy of run.py.
* To speed testing, just run for regex. I.E. add --libraries=regex to the run.py command line.

If that doesn't fix it, what will be needed is:

(1) A log of the run.py invocation.
(2) A zipped copy of the bjam.log file.