Thank you very much, if I disable the define, test works fine, maybe the library needs an additional macro do disable this macro on the BG/Q

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Timothée Ewart, Ph. D.

Le 11 Jul 2014 à 01:16, Niklas Angare <> a écrit :

"Ewart Timothée" <> wrote:
I am Tim HPC software developer, I performed tests with boost test framework since several years.
Nevertheless I get issues on my new running platform the  BG/Q.

This mailing list is for regression testing of Boost itself. Your support request for the Boost.Test library belongs on one of the other lists. You should also specify which version of Boost you're using and which operating system you're running on.

If I start my job on the BG/Q I get the following error message:
Test setup error: system_error produced by: ::sigaction( m_sig, &m_new_action, &m_old_action ) != -1: Invalid argument
Test setup error: system_error produced by: ::sigaltstack( 0, &sigstk ) != -1: Function not implemented

It looks like both of these errors could be related to the use of sigaltstack() which is only enabled when BOOST_TEST_USE_ALT_STACK is defined. In Boost 1.55, its definition can disabled on line 176 of execution_monitor.ipp:


Niklas Angare

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