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    So what about adding "< /dev/null" to the launching line?

Sure.. Although it's a bit trickier than just adding it since "<
/dev/null" will not work on Windows. Try the attached testing.jam and
tell me if it solves the problem.

The script seems to work good if I change
$(LAUNCHER) "$(>)" $(ARGS) "$(INPUT_FILES)" > "$(output-file)" 2>&1 < $(.NULLIN)


$(LAUNCHER) "$(>)" $(ARGS) "$(INPUT_FILES)" > "$(output-file)" 2>&1 $(.NULLIN)

(the < before the $(.NULLIN) expands to "< < /dev/null")

Thanks! Should I create a ticket? If so, just tell me the component (not clear if "Regression testing" or "building boost").

No need for a ticket. I checked in the fix.

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