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    On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 12:00 PM, Raffi Enficiaud
    > Would it make sense to let the run.py submit something to the dashboard if
    > and only if the runner is able to compile/build a very simple C++ program
    > (kind of hello world)?


A nice though.. But useless in this case. The tester can obviously
compile something. Since it *has* to compile the test tools themselves
to even start testing.

Thanks. The test tools is the first requirement, but it is in pure C as far as I know. In this case the installation does not have some required header for C++.

The test tools are a combination of Bash, Batch, C, C++, Jam, and Python. And it builds the C++ tools before starting. So at least the *default* system C++ compiler works just fine. And that's all we can test at this level. It's the tested toolsets that are not OK in this case. Which we can't determine easily without running the regression tests themselves. We could possibly add a global test to the Boost tests and use that to check for upload or not. But at that point you've already run all the tests. So there's no savings for the tester as 95% of the work has been done. The other 5% is processing the results and uploading. Arguably you could save that 5% of work. Which leaves possibly only avoiding the upload so that user don't see results from broken testers. But if we avoid users the slight displeasure of seeing those broken results we would likely never notice that the tester is broken. And hence never complain to the tester to fix it. And hence end up wasting 100% of the testing resource.

So.. I'd rather see those results. For the basic reason that having some information is better than having none and wasting work.

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