I have recently relocated to Berlin, and I have been out of the game for some weeks.

Now that I am rerunning the test scripts, I have found they give problem when the communication is not good. I have a connection over WiFi that has lots of errors.

I have been forced to synchronize git 'boost_root' repositories manually, because when some submodule fails to be updated, all of the submodules will be re-updated, for a t most 5 times. As I have lots of problems, typically 2 to 5 submodules fail every time, so the update fails all of the times. But this is not a reallly hard problem, syncing manually and '--have-souce' are a usable solution.

But the real problem comes when the results are uploaded, they usually fail. What I want to know is if there is some easy way provided to upload the results, or must I patch the runner scripts?

Best regards,

J.A.Zaratiegui Vallecillo a.k.a Zara
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