On 30/09/15 22:48, Rene Rivera wrote:
$ du -ms bjam.log
3181    bjam.log

Which leads me to suspect that the 64K output limit is not being eonforced in your case for some reason. Could you:

a) Inspect the b2 invocation to see if the "-m64" option is getting added?

Yes, that's it! Option '-m64' is not added to b2 invocation. As I see, this happens due to bug in regression.py. There is following code (https://github.com/boostorg/regression/blob/develop/testing/src/regression.py#L282):

# if no -m bjam option add -m64 (limit target to 64 kb of output)
if self.bjam_options.find('-m') == -1:
    self.bjam_options += ' -m64'

And this condition is wrong, because we pass "address-model=32" (or "address-model=64", depending on target) in bjam flags and that code in regression.py erroneously take it as if "-mN" option was already passed. I'll add "-m64" to b2 invocation right now, but please fix regression.py too.

Dmitry Moskalchuk