On 2015-10-18 9:56 PM, Rene Rivera wrote:
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On 2015-10-10 12:25 AM, Edward Diener wrote:
On 8/12/2015 11:25 PM, Jim Bell wrote:

On 2015-08-11 11:47 PM, Edward Diener wrote:

I have mingw tests for mingw-32, mingw-w64 gcc 4.9, 4.8, 4.7, 4.6, 4.5,
and 4.4.  Also the mingw-gcc that ships with Qt 5.4, Qt 5.2 and Qt 4.

I don't recall everything I did to get it working, but I'll fire one
back up tomorrow.

I noticed that you were contibuting mingw/gcc tests for Windows and then you stopped doing so. Is it possible to peridically run those tests again, or is is taking up too much of your time and resources ?

I am going to attempt again to contribute my own gcc, and perhaps even clang, tests for Windows, although clang is much more error-prone when dealing with non-header only libraries.

I'm glad to periodically run my battery of tests, but would request that at least the master test results stay in the regression results matrix for a longer period of time.

How long?

How about 90 days? The audience for master is very different than for develop.