I've noticed that my runners that used to take 1-2 hours have jumped to 4-6 hours. At first, I thought this was due to some configuration changes on my end (some compilers weren't getting the correct <cxxflags> inputs). However, after further investigation, this seems to be going back further than when I started making these changes. 

The regression times jump up starting around Feb 18, and I didn't start my changes until the 22nd. Also, the jump in regression times seems to only be affecting develop, not master, even though I'm using the same configurations on both branches' runs. 

I'm not really sure how to trace this down. Is there any way to log the time it takes the various libraries to complete their test suites? I'm guessing that will show one library that is using 3+ hours. Although, it is possible that a change went in to a higher level library that just adds a few seconds to each call and is used across many of the libraries.