On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 6:23 PM, Edward Diener via Boost-Testing <boost-testing@lists.boost.org> wrote:
On 6/7/2017 6:06 PM, Tom Kent via Boost-Testing wrote:
I already had a

using msvc : 14.1 ;

In my file, so I tried to add another line:

using msvc : 14.1~latest : C:\Prog..[long path]\bin\cl.exe : <address-model>64 <cxxflags>/std:c++latest ;


using msvc : 14.1c17 : : <cxxflags>/std:c++latest ;

and invoke as toolset=msvc-14.1c17

This works for me.

This works for me when I'm running from a VS2017 command prompt (as does just running `toolset=msvc-14.1 cxxflags=/std:c++latest`). However when running at a normal command prompt (like when it starts within the python interpreter environment inside of the regression.py script), it fails because it can't find cl.exe. B2 should(?) be solving this, but it seems that leaving the path to compiler field blank in user-config.jam causes it to give up. 

The real question, for VS2017 what should go in this spot:

using msvc : 14.1c17 : [WHAT GOES HERE?] : <cxxflags>/std:c++latest ;

so that b2 creates the correct environment. I tried putting in the path to cl.exe, but that failed...probably because cl.exe requires a bunch of environment stuff setup. Should we put the path to a batch file that sets up the environment instead?

That said, I did get a test runner up by adding it directly to the regreesion.py --bjam-options. It comes up under teeks99-09p.