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From: Mat Marcus (mmarcus_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-06-08 12:45:39

The formal review of Dynamic Bitset by Chuck Alison and Jeremy
will commence today Saturday June 8th and run through Monday,
June 17th.

The library is currently available at

Below is an excerpt from the library's documentation:

    The dyn_bitset class represents a set of bits. It provides
    accesses to the value of individual bits via an operator[]
    and provides all of the bitwise operators that one can
    apply to builtin integers, such as operator&& and
    operator<<. The number of bits in the set is specified at
    runtime via a parameter to the constructor of the

    Each bit represents either the Boolean value true (set) or
    false (reset). To toggle a bit is to change the value to
    true if it is false and to false if it is true. Each bit
    has a non-negative position pos. The position pos == 0
    corresponds to the least significant bit and pos == size()
    - 1 is the most significant bit. When converting an
    instance of dyn_bitset to or from an unsigned long, the bit
    position pos corresponds to the bit value 1 << pos.

    The dyn_bitset class is nearly identical to the std::bitset
    class. The difference is that the size of the dyn_bitset
    (the number of bits) is specified at run-time during the
    construction of a dyn_bitset object, whereas the size of a
    std::bitset is specified at compile-time through an integer
    template parameter.

For information about submitting a Formal Review, see

Please try out the library and comment during the review
period. Be sure to say whether or not you think the library
should be accepted by Boost.

Compiler notes: This library has been tested using the
following compiler platforms:

Gcc 2.95 and 3.01
Kai C++
Metrowerks Codewarrior 8 (beta, Mac)
Visual C++ 7.0

The library presently requires template friend support and is
known not to compile with CodeWarrior 7.2 or Visual C++ 6.0.

The library has not been tested with Borland.

The Formal Review manager is Mat Marcus.

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