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From: GoochRules! (goochrules_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-04-06 13:47:27

I am attempting to do this in 2003:


int main(int argc, char* argv[])
        HANDLE x;
        HANDLE y;
        HANDLE z;

        boost::thread* p = new boost::thread(boost::bind(f, x, y, z);

        delete p;

As a contrived example it works. In my project it does not, spewing
out 5 errors:
1) c:\src\include\boost\bind.hpp(62) : error C2825: 'F::result_type':
cannot form a qualified name
         c:\src\include\boost\bind\bind_template.hpp(16) : see reference
to class template instantiation 'boost::_bi::result_traits<R,F>' being
compiled with
             F=int (__cdecl *)(HANDLE,HANDLE)
         c:\src\ansa-1.0\src\main\main.cpp(369) : see reference to class
template instantiation 'boost::_bi::bind_t<R,F,L>' being compiled
             F=int (__cdecl *)(HANDLE,HANDLE),

2) c:\src\include\boost\bind.hpp(62) : error C2039: 'result_type' : is
not a member of 'operator``global namespace'''

3) c:\src\include\boost\bind.hpp(62) : error C2146: syntax error :
missing ';' before identifier 'type'

4) c:\src\include\boost\bind.hpp(62) : error C2955: 'boost::_bi::type'
: use of class template requires template argument list
         c:\src\include\boost\bind.hpp(94) : see declaration of
5) c:\src\include\boost\bind.hpp(62) : fatal error C1903: unable to
from previous error(s); stopping compilation

note: fd_xpt is declared as "typedef HANDLE fd_xpt;", and
c:\src\ansa-1.0\src\main\main.cpp(369) is similar to "boost::thread* p
= new boost::thread(boost::bind(f, x, y, z);" in the example.

It appears that the compiler thinks my first argument is a "int
(__cdecl *)(HANDLE,HANDLE)" when it is most certainly a "int (__cdecl
*)(HANDLE,HANDLE,HANDLE)". It used to take two arguments, but I've
since added a third (it was at this very point that these errors
crashed the party). I am sure that there is no declaration that
specifies only two arguments: I've had two other developers verify
this. I have cleaned my project multiple times, even by hand, as well
as getting a clean source tree from cvs, and yet I still get these

Any suggestions on how to silence these errors are greatly appreciated.
--mpeltzer goochrules_at_[hidden]

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