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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-04-20 21:07:13

The guys I know online who work on the compiler want ALL internal compiler
error reports, did you follow the instructions for sending the report?

At Tuesday 2004-04-20 16:29, you wrote:
>I'm rather unsure about what is causing this, but I get an internal
>compiler error in Visual C++ 7.1 when using BGL in some specific
>I have a graph defined in class Graph defined as such:
> typedef property<edge_feedback_t, bool> EdgeFeedback;
> typedef property<edge_sourcejack_t, IAudioOutputJack*,
>EdgeFeedback> EdgeSourceJack;
> typedef property<edge_destinationjack_t, IAudioInputJack*,
>EdgeSourceJack> EdgeDestinationJack;
> typedef EdgeDestinationJack EdgeProperty;
> typedef boost::property<boost::vertex_index_t, int> VertexIndexProp;
> typedef property<vertex_name_t, nsCOMPtr<IAudioModule>,
>VertexIndexProp> VertexProperty;
> typedef adjacency_list<listS, listS, bidirectionalS,
>VertexProperty, EdgeProperty> graphdata;
> typedef graph_traits < graphdata >::vertex_descriptor vertdsc;
>This definition works fine in the graph.cpp file that implements the
>class Graph.
>However, when I use graph.h in another cpp file, I get bizarre compiler
>-1_31\boost\mpl\aux_\preprocessed\plain\apply.hpp(50) : fatal error
>After some trial and error, I narrowed the problem down to needing to
>have a != between two oedge_iterators _somewhere_ in the cpp file
>including graph.h. Simply putting the following function into my other
>files will cause them to compile just fine:
>void makeVChappy()
> typedef graph_traits< Graph::graphdata >::out_edge_iterator
> oedge_iterator oiter, oend;
> oiter != oend;
>I'm a a complete loss as to how this could be happening, but since I
>have a work-around for now, I'm not going to push the issue too much
>further at the moment --- I just thought I'd bring this to your
>attention, and see if anyone knows of a more elegant solution.
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