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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-08-15 08:41:45

At Sunday 2004-08-15 05:31, you wrote:
>Note that the original response was that I should post my comments to the
>other forum yet the Boost web site says that this forum is one of two forums
>to post bugs and suggestions in.
>Another response indicated that my suggestion is not possible. I did not say
>that it is possible, but I doubt that it can be said that it definitely is
>not possible.
>You are definitely being unreasonable about saying that I "dumps on the
>warning messages". Try to show us where I did that; you can't.

from the message I originally responded to:
"There might have been a warning, but Boost produces so many other warnings
that I missed the warning if there was one."

>When you say "why hasn't the OP updated??" you ask that as if you don't
>really want to know the answer. I get the impression that whatever I say,
>you will still insist that I am being unreasonable.

I think it's unreasonable to expect anyone to continue to have to write
code for a crippled product.
It's been over 2 years since was released. How long do _you_ think
it's reasonable for have to be restricted to a once existing product? I
note that you haven't said why you haven't/can't/won't upgrade, so it's
hard to tell whether I'll think _you_ are being unreasonable. It's very
likely that I'll consider the management who made the decision to not
upgrade are the culprits.

>Is that the official position?

I'm not an "official"

> Is it likely that support of VC 6 will be

According to another message in this thread, Microsoft will drop support in
46 days.

> If that is not true, then the comments below that are critical of
>me and indicating that support should be expected to be stopped seems
>unreasonable to me.

I have no idea when the library authors will quit supporting an old compiler

>Again, look to see where I dumped on the warning messages. You can't find
>that and therefore you need to state that it is incorrect to say I did.

I posted where I thought you "dumped" on the warnings. the exact substring
to which I refer is:
"but Boost produces so many other warnings"

Now if you're not using vc6, I apologize. If you _are_, then VC6 has been
known for some time to be particularly inept at handling templates (for
example it publishes warnings about fully expanded typenames exceeding 256
characters). I was attempting to point that out and then I was chided for
"dumping on VC". I have in the past, (VC6) but I don't believe I've
complained much about 7, 7.1, or 8.
I'm currently running regression tests on 7.1 and 8 so I _do_ have VC, it's
just 6.0 that I (rightfully, IMO) think is a PoS.

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>From: "Victor A. Wagner Jr." <vawjr_at_[hidden]>
>To: <boost-users_at_[hidden]>
>Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2004 3:42 AM
>Subject: Re: [Boost-users] RTTI for VC 6
> > you're being unreasonable.
> > some guy came in here with a KNOWN poor and out of date compiler and dumps
> > on the warning messages he gets and implies that the folks a boost
> > should/could do something about it (Microsoft HAS done something about it,
> > they're issued TWO releases since then.....why hasn't the OP updated??)
> > .
> > I'm on record here as saying we should save the world a fortune in time
> > quit supporting such a poor compiler. (now THAT is flame bait, and I don't
> > give a <insert favorite expletive>.... Microsoft VC++6.0 is NOT a
> > reasonable compiler..... within months of it's release, the ISO standard
> > was voted (of course they didn't conform, I believe that any rational
> > person looking at ALL the behavior of Microsoft back in 1997-1998 can ONLY
> > come to the conclusion that they were trying to "kill" C++). Microsoft
> > STILL has NOT updated the STL that they ship with you want me
> > to go on?)
> >
> > In my opinion, the only reason that boost hasn't officially told everyone
> > that VC++6.0 is no longer supported is because Dave Abrahams apparently
> > a customer that "cannot update". It costs a small fortune to try to make
> > everything work with VC++6.0 and it is NOT worth the effort).
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