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From: Stephen torri (storri_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-08-24 20:40:45

I thought I would share what I am using for exceptions given the
excellent advice from everyone responding to my initial email. There is
no usages of any memory allocation or std::string like variables.
If there are any 'oops' or 'gotchas' please let me know.

My plan is to use a command flag for taking into a value. The value will
determine what debug messages are reported at the cause of the problem.
The message will be displayed via std::cerr.



#include <exception>
#include <inttypes.h>

namespace kurt {

   * \class IOException
   * \brief Rather than inheriting from ifstream this class delegates
   * any required functionality to it.
   * \date 2003
   * \author Stephen Torri
  class IO_Exception : public virtual std::exception {


    IO_Exception (uint32_t message_id);
     * \brief Destructor
    virtual ~IO_Exception (void) throw(){}

     * \brief Return the extra message accompanying the exception.
    const char* what (void) const throw();

     * \brief Return tne name of the exception
    const char* name (void) const throw();

    enum {


    static const char* m_exception_name;

    static const char* m_messages[];

    uint32_t m_id;


} /* namespace kurt */

#include "IOException.hpp"

namespace kurt {

  const char* IO_Exception::m_exception_name = "IO_Exception";

  const char* IO_Exception::m_messages [] = {
    "I/O Error: cannot open", // CANNOT_OPEN
    "Input data is corrupted", // INPUT_CORRUPTED
    "Invalid i/o operation attempted", // INVALID_IO_OP
    "Error reading input", // READ_ERROR
    "Unsupported I/O operation", // UNSUPPORTED_OP
    "Error writing output", // WRITE_ERROR

  IO_Exception::IO_Exception (uint32_t message_id)
    : std::exception(),

  const char*
  IO_Exception::what (void) const throw()
    return m_messages[m_id];

  const char*
  IO_Exception::name (void) const throw()
    return m_exception_name;

} /* namespace kurt */

#endif /* IO_EXCEPTION_H_ */

Email: storri_at_[hidden]

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