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From: Bjorn.Karlsson_at_[hidden]
Date: 2005-01-19 04:00:49

Hello Vasco,

> From: Vasco Lohrenscheit [mailto:valoh_at_[hidden]]
> is there a easy way/workaround to use methods of managed classes with
> boost::bind?

It's not exactly easy, but I think it can be done.

First of all, you won't be able to take the address of
TestManagedClass::test because it's a managed class. Second, the calling
conventions of invoking the signal (default: __stdcall) and the function
test (__clrcall) are different. Here's a workaround that should work:

* Create a nested __nogc class in the __gc class (technically, it doesn't
need to be nested, just __nogc).
* In the nested class, store a pointer (using gcroot<>, as it's a managed
class) to the outer class.
* In the constructor of the outer class, create an instance of the nested
* Define a callback member in both classes. In the inner class, simply
forward to the corresponding function in the outer class.
* Create the bind expression using the address of the nested class'
* Invoke the signal and keep your fingers crossed.

Here's an example that demonstrates the technique:

  #include "boost/bind.hpp"
  #include "boost/signals.hpp"
  #include "vcclr.h" // For gcroot<>

  boost::signal<void (int)> sig;

  __gc class managed_class {
    managed_class() : inner_(new unmanaged_class(this)) {
      // Connect to the signal

    void callback(int i) {
      // This is the managed "callback"

    // Here's the nested class
    __nogc class unmanaged_class {
      unmanaged_class(managed_class* outer) : outer_(outer) {}

      void callback(int i) {
      gcroot<managed_class*> outer_;

    unmanaged_class* inner_;

  void main() {
    managed_class* p=new managed_class();
    sig(42); // Invokes the signal,
             // which invokes the binder,
             // which invokes unmanaged_class::callback(),
             // which invokes managed_class::callback().

Bjorn Karlsson

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