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From: Mats Lidell (matsl_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-16 06:43:04


I'm getting this runtime error in my program.

   c:\stlport-4.6.2\stlport\stl\debug\_iterator.h(179): STL assertion
   failure : __check_same_owner(__x, __y)

The code that causes this is like this (Actual code slightly modified). It is
the access of the match that triggers the error above.

   boost::smatch m;
   if (regex_match(s, m, reg))
(here)--> s_info.version = m[1];

I'm using stlport 4.6.2 with boost-1.32 on W2K and VC6 SP6. stlport is built
with default options and boost is built like this:

   boost-jam-3.1.10-1-ntx86/bjam.exe -sTOOLS=msvc-stlport -sSTLPORT_PATH="c:"
-sSTLPORT_VERSION=4.6.2 -sBUILD="debug release <runtime-link>static
<threading>multi <stlport-iostream>on" install

Any idea what can be wrong? Surely a simple access of the resulting match
shouldn't cause this type of assertion to fire (or is there some subtle bug in
my program that I'm missing!?)

Please note that the program works OK using boost without stlport.


%% Mats

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