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From: Kiran Reddy (mailinglist.kiran_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-12 04:33:59

  I would like to know the regex options equalent to the following .Net
Reqular Expressions Options:



 Specifies multiline mode. Changes the meaning of *^* and *$* so that they
match at the beginning and end, respectively, of any line, not just the
beginning and end of the whole string.



 Specifies that the only valid captures are explicitly named or numbered
groups of the form (?<*name*>…). This allows parentheses to act as
noncapturing groups without the syntactic clumsiness of (?:…).



 Specifies single-line mode. Changes the meaning of the period character (.)
so that it matches every character (instead of every character except *\n*).



Specifies that unescaped white space is excluded from the pattern and
enables comments following a number sign (#). (For a list of escaped
white-space characters, see Character
Note that white space is never eliminated from within a character class.
 Thanks in Advance.

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