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From: Paul (elegant_dice_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-17 20:07:07

Ben Hutchings wrote:
> Paul wrote:

>>/usr/local/include/boost-1_33/boost/date_time/time_duration.hpp: In
>>function 'time_duration
>>boost::date_time::parse_undelimited_time_duration(const std::string&)
>>[with time_duration = boost::posix_time::time_duration]':
>>warning: control may reach end of non-void function 'static typename
>>boost::date_time::time_resolution_traits<frac_sec_type, res,
>>resolution_adjust, frac_digits, v_type>::to_tick_count(v_type, v_type,
>>v_type, typename frac_sec_type::int_type) [with frac_sec_type =
>>boost::date_time::time_resolutions res = micro, typename
>>frac_sec_type::int_type resolution_adjust = 1000000, short unsigned int
>>frac_digits = 6u, v_type = int32_t]' being inlined
> You seem to have the wrong version of the Boost source. That function is
> in time_parsing.hpp, not time_duration.hpp, in version 1.33. You could
> install the libboost-date-time-dev package from sid instead of compiling
> it yourself.
> Ben.

i have to compile it myself as i need to define
BOOST_SIGNALS_NAMESPACE=signalslib (for boost_signals), as I use it in
conjunction with the QT library. So i compile the whole thing for myself.

and I am a bit concerned about your "wrong version" comment. I've
checked, This code and this warning came out of the latest 1.33 tar.bz2.
I've confirmed it.

I think the error message is confusing:
- to_tick_count is inlined in time_duration.hpp (the error line)
- its inlined in the constructor for time_duration
- time_duration is constructed in time_parsing.hpp
- to_tick_count is in yet another file.

the error message only mentions the time_duration.hpp. weird, eh?


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