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From: Elisha Berns (e.berns_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-02-07 00:07:09


Although this thread has indeed moved on to many things I just wanted to
add my 2 cents here in response to Dave's original questions:

1) To learn the more general and abstract libraries in boost I really
like as many differing examples as possible. Even when I get the
general idea of what a library is for I often need something to fire my
imagination. And simple examples and additional case studies really
help me. (I'm not trying to negate or contravene anything that has been
said up to now on this subject, I'm just stating that this is how I seem
to learn and work best). Additionally, sometimes I understand an
abstraction easier if I start with some concrete example and work my way
up so to speak. I would put the PP, MPL, WAVE and SPIRIT libraries in
this category for myself.

For example, I haven't a clue what to do yet with the Wave library even
though I know what it's for. I keep looking for some example of
when/where/how to use it in a compiler or IDE tool chain, to no avail.
So what looks like a fantastic addition to boost will certainly go
under-utilized by at least one programmer!

2) I use boost a fair amount of the time as a cross-platform abstraction
layer for C++. It provides almost everything I need in system services,
except for XML support and internationalization. So I throw in ICU and
Xerces and that pretty much covers my needs. But when it comes to a
cross platform build or build environment, well as others have remarked,
bjam is still too esoteric to use! So I would greatly appreciate an
overview of all that is in boost (or at least the relevant seminal
parts) that lend themselves to creating this type of cross-platform
abstraction layer with a cross platform build environment and/or
scripts. If this isn't possible (for whatever reason - such as bjam
really is an incomprehensible tool and pain to script) then at least
some documentation on the subject of how to create consistent cross
platform builds (Win32, Linux and OS X for starters) will be greatly

Yours truly,


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> ( and I
> thought it would be a good idea to solicit input from those who have
> recently gone through the process. What do you wish someone had
> explained to you? With what did you need hand-holding? Based on this
> feedback I expect to make some improvements to the Boost website,
> also. Any information you can give me will be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
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