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From: TOL mtsagara (mtsagara_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-04 17:39:55

Hi to all,

This is my very first post to boost-users! I've been using a couple of boost
libraries for a while (shared_ptr & bind mostly). Write now we are in the
process of transforming a project based on MFC collections, (with objects
derived from CObject), to STL, and doing some search for a library that will
allow object persistence the way MFC does, the obvious solution was
boost::serialize. As I'm a newbie in mpl style code the first impression was
terrifying! But after reading the documentation and experimenting a lot, I
did manage to start using boost::serialize. In fact there is no need to be
familiar with mpl. The library is excellent - an exemplary work, thank you
Robert Ramey!

Now my problem is with xml files. I can write a couple of classes both in
txt and binary files. But I can't write the very same data in xml format. I
believe I followed all guidelines but I had no luck ... :(

The scenario in pseudo code is this:

// file fem.h
#include <boost/archive/...>
#include <boost/serialize/...>

namespace fem {

class CTCBase
typedef boost::shared_ptr<CTCBase> CBSPBase
typedef std::list<CBSPBase> CBSPBaseList


class CTCSoil
typedef boost::shared_ptr<CTCSoil> CBSPSoil
typedef std::list<CBSPSoil> CBSPSoilList


class CTCBrickWall
typedef boost::shared_ptr<CTCBrickWall> CBSPBrickWall
typedef std::list<CBSPBrickWall> CBSPBrickWallList

// list of soils
CBSPSoilList s_lstSoils;
// list of Brick Walls
CBSPBrickWallList s_lstBrickWalls;
// initial soil for each new foundation beam (also contained in above list)
CBSPSoil s_bspSoil;
// initial brick wall on each beam (also contained in above list)
CBSPBrickWall s_bspBrick;




// file fem.cpp

#include "fem.h"
#include <boost/serialization/export.hpp>


void fill_with_build_in()

void main()

// some time later ...


The xml save & open functions are in file fem_boost_serialize.cpp

I attached the 3 files produced this way. I can also read back txt & binary
versions. I'm wondering if somebody - hopefully Robert Ramey! - can tell me
just by examining the output files, where should I look for the problem. Or
do I have to debug the code line by line and see what wend wrong? It seems
something is wrong with the very first shared_ptr serialization .

I include some - not stand alone I'm afraid - source code files with this
message just in case someone might take a look at them. I can tell that
during the transition period from MFC to STL (possibly after that too), our
objects derive from MFC CObject. Also at the moment, we still use MFC
CString and not std::string. I had to copy CString to std::string for the
serialization to work properly. Could there be a conflict somewhere there?
Could it be the order in hpp files are included?

Finally I use MS Visual C++ .net 2003 and boost v1.33.1.

Thank you in advanced,


Emmanuil Tsagarakis

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