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From: bwood (brass_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-06 13:47:46

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Ion Gaztañaga wrote:
>Jan Stetka(e)k dio:
>> Yes I understand that I can't use shmem::map and std::map if they are

>> both on the global namespace. I've looked at the implementation of
>> std::map header from the STL implementation that is included in vc++
>> and that doesn't forward declare std::list in <map>. This is a design

>> issue rather than a bug. Why forward declare shmem::list by including
>> in map.hpp when it isn't used?
>All classes in Shmem include shmem_fwd.hpp or container_fwd.hpp where
>Shmem defines default arguments (for example default Less, or
>template parameter). That's why you get the predeclaration of list
>including map. Another alternative would be to declare a *_fwd.hpp for
>each class defined in Shmem, but you would get a lot of extra headers,
>and I would have a lot of work to maintain.
>Even if I don't include list predeclaration with map, I'm free to use
>any Shmem container in any Shmem class (for example, I can implement a
>pooled allocator using a list container), so it's likely that a Shmem
>class include will include more Shmem classes (predeclarations, or
>declarations). I don't consider it a design error, but a design
>What I see dangerous is pushing two namespaces, std, and shmem to the
>same context because they have similar classes. An alternative would
>to rename shmem classes like "vector" to "shmem_vector", .... But
>weren't namespaces born to allow that?

I think this is their intended purpose, but I don't like using them
that way. It gets confusing and brevity isn't attained as you have
to qualify things. Namespaces support a "let's just agree to
disagree" approach that isn't a resolution, but is the best that
can be done at times. Do you think this shmem functionality should
be integrated with the std containers? In the meantime, I think
shmem_vector is better.

Does shmem support multi_index_containers? Or, depending on
how shmem fits into the picture, should B.MI take the lead in
supporting shmem functionality internally? Y'all have more
flexibility in the B.MI case as it isn't part of the standard.



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