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From: kevin_at_[hidden]
Date: 2008-06-16 12:34:48

   Dear All,

   I am using Boost 1.35.0 library and STLport 5.1.5 with Microsoft
Visual C++ 7.1 (SP1).
I can build a lot of library but not
'libboost_serialization-vc71-mt-p-1_35.lib' library.

   I have done the following job:

   1) Configure STLport
1.1: Modify "USER_CONFIG.H", enable macro "#DEFINE _STLP_DEBUG 1"
1.2: Modify "USER_CONFIG.H", enable macro "#DEFINE
_STLP_USE_BOOST_SUPPORT 1"1.3: Modify "HOST.H", enable macro

   2) Compile STLport
2.1: Y:\LIBRARY\STLPORT-5.1.5\BUILD\LIB>/configure -c msvc71
--rtl-dynamic --use-boost Y:\Library\boost_1_35_0/
2.2: Y:\LIBRARY\STLPORT-5.1.5\BUILD\LIB>/nmake /fmsvc.mak /install/

   3) Build JAM tools
3.1: Y:\LIBRARY\BOOST_1_35_0\TOOLS\JAM\SRC>/build vc7/
3.2: Copy "BJAM.EXE" into Y:\LIBRARY\BOOST_1_35_0 directory.

   4) Modify Boost
4.1: Modify "USER-CONFIG.JAM", enable macro "USING MSVC ;"
4.2: Modify "USER-CONFIG.JAM", enable macro "USING STLPORT : :
4.3: Copy "USER-CONFIG.JAM" into "Y:\LIBRARY\BOOST_1_35_0"

   5) Build Boost
5.1: Y:\LIBRARY\BOOST_1_35_0>/bjam -sTOOLS=vc-7_1-stlport
-sSTLPORT_PATH=..\STLport-5.1.5\stlport --toolset=msvc
-sstdlib=stlport --build-type=complete -a install/

   6) Finish.
It create new directory, which locate in:
-- C:\Boost\include\
-- C:\Boost\include\boost-1_35\boost
-- C:\Boost\lib

   Finally, I get many library in C:\Boost\lib such as
"libboost_serialization-vc71-mt.lib", but I don't have any

   How can I get that ...p... library?

   Thank you very much.
Kevin Tang.

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