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From: James Vanns (james.vanns_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-06-19 13:29:07

Just isn't working in 1.35. With the examples included and following this documentation:

I get link errors if I don't include

#include <boost/archive/basic_binary_oprimitive.ipp>

and compile errors if I do:

impl/basic_binary_oprimitive.ipp: In member function ‘virtual int boost::archive::detail::output_streambuf_access<Elem, Tr>::sync()’:
impl/basic_binary_oprimitive.ipp:137: error: expected primary-expression before ‘,’ token
impl/basic_binary_oprimitive.ipp:137: error: expected primary-expression before ‘>’ token

binary_oarchive_impl.hpp:31: instantiated from here
class boost::archive::detail::output_streambuf_access<char, std::char_traits<char> >’ has no member named ‘basic_streambuf

Am I doing something wrong? The examples don't compile so no wonder mine doesn't! Has anyone got this to work (in Boost 1.35)? I am using g++ 4.1.2 on Linux.

My code:
// Boost containers, algorithms etc.
#include <boost/detail/endian.hpp>
#include <boost/archive/binary_oarchive.hpp>

// Boost containers, algorithms etc.
using boost::archive::save_access;
using boost::archive::binary_oarchive_impl;
using boost::archive::basic_binary_oarchive;
using boost::archive::basic_binary_oprimitive;

        typedef ostream::char_type ctype;
        typedef ostream::traits_type ttype;

        template<class Archive> class binary_net_oarchive :
            public binary_oarchive_impl<Archive, ctype, ttype>
                friend class save_access;
                friend class basic_binary_oarchive<Archive>;
                friend class binary_oarchive_impl<Archive, ctype, ttype>;
                friend class basic_binary_oprimitive<Archive, ctype, ttype>;

                typedef binary_oarchive_impl<Archive, ctype, ttype> base_bin_t;
                binary_net_oarchive(ostream &p_stream) : base_bin_t(p_stream, 0)
                template<class Type>
                save(const Type &p_t)

#include <boost/archive/impl/basic_binary_oarchive.ipp>
#include <boost/archive/impl/basic_binary_oprimitive.ipp>
#include <boost/archive/impl/archive_pointer_oserializer.ipp>

namespace boost
    namespace archive
        using namespace fq::comms;
        template class binary_oarchive_impl<base_msg, ctype, ttype>;
        template class detail::archive_pointer_oserializer<base_msg>;




James Vanns
Systems Programmer
Framestore CFC Ltd.

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