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Subject: [Boost-users] compile problem?
From: Wenhao Xu (xuwenhao2008_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-10-27 12:14:28

Hi everyone,
  I am a new to boost. When I compile the example of asio_timer, I have a compile error:
                " g++ -o test_timer test_timer.cpp -I /peter/boost/boost_1_36_0 -lboost_thread-gcc42-mt-1_36 -lboost_system-gcc42-mt-1_36
In file included from /usr/include/c++/4.2/iostream:44,
                 from test_timer.cpp:11:
/usr/include/c++/4.2/i486-linux-gnu/bits/c++config.h:149: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ‘namespace’

Compilation exited abnormally with code 1 at Tue Oct 28 00:04:58"
   My compile command is:
           g++ -o test_timer test_timer.cpp -I /peter/boost/boost_1_36_0 -lboost_thread-gcc42-mt-1_36 -lboost_system-gcc42-mt-1_36

I cannot find the reason. Could you help me? Thanks very much.

Best wishes,

// time_t_timer.cpp
// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
// Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Christopher M. Kohlhoff (chris at kohlhoff dot com)
// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying
// file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

#include <boost/asio.hpp>
#include <ctime>
#include <iostream>

struct time_t_traits
  // The time type.
  typedef std::time_t time_type;

  // The duration type.
  struct duration_type
    duration_type() : value(0) {}
    duration_type(std::time_t v) : value(v) {}
    std::time_t value;

  // Get the current time.
  static time_type now()
    return std::time(0);

  // Add a duration to a time.
  static time_type add(const time_type& t, const duration_type& d)
    return t + d.value;

  // Subtract one time from another.
  static duration_type subtract(const time_type& t1, const time_type& t2)
    return duration_type(t1 - t2);

  // Test whether one time is less than another.
  static bool less_than(const time_type& t1, const time_type& t2)
    return t1 < t2;

  // Convert to POSIX duration type.
  static boost::posix_time::time_duration to_posix_duration(
      const duration_type& d)
    return boost::posix_time::seconds(d.value);

typedef boost::asio::basic_deadline_timer<
    std::time_t, time_t_traits> time_t_timer;

void handle_timeout(const boost::system::error_code&)
  std::cout << "handle_timeout\n";

int main()
    boost::asio::io_service io_service;

    time_t_timer timer(io_service);

    std::cout << "Starting synchronous wait\n";
    std::cout << "Finished synchronous wait\n";

    std::cout << "Starting asynchronous wait\n";
    std::cout << "Finished asynchronous wait\n";
  catch (std::exception& e)
    std::cout << "Exception: " << e.what() << "\n";

  return 0;

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