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Subject: [Boost-users] Problem building boost on Windows
From: Nathan Ridge (zeratul976_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-12-08 22:58:33

I'm having some trouble building the Boost libraries on Windows.
- My OS is Windows Vista SP2
- My compiler in MinGW g++ 4.4. The folder containing the g++ executable
  is in my PATH environment variable.
This is what I've done:
- Downloaded the latest version (1.41) of the Boost libraries
  from and extracted it to C:\Dev\Libraries\boost
  (so e.g. C:\Dev\Libraries\boost\libs is a subfolder)
- Downloaded the latest version (3.1.17) of Boost Jam from and
  extracted bjam.exe into C:\Dev\Libraries\boost
- Opened up a command prompt, cd'd into C:\Dev\Libraries\boost
- Ran the command "bjam --with-filesystem variant=release link=static
  threading=single toolset=gcc"
The output, up to the first error, is the following:
WARNING: No python installation configured and autoconfiguration
         failed. See
         for configuration instructions or pass --without-python to
         suppress this message and silently skip all Boost.Python targets
Building the Boost C++ Libraries.
After the build, the headers will be located at
The libraries will be located at
Use 'bjam install --prefix=<path>' if you wish to install headers and
libraries to a different location and remove the source tree.

...found 441 targets...
...updating 27 targets...
common.mkdir stage
common.mkdir stage\lib
common.mkdir bin.v2
common.mkdir bin.v2\libs
common.mkdir bin.v2\libs\system
common.mkdir bin.v2\libs\system\build
common.mkdir bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0
common.mkdir bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0\release
common.mkdir bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0\release\link-static
gcc.compile.c++ bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0\release\link-static\error_code.o
g++: libs\system\src\error_code.cpp: No such file or directory
g++: no input files
    "g++" -ftemplate-depth-128 -O3 -finline-functions -Wno-inline -Wall -DBOOST_ALL_NO_LIB=1 -DBOO
ST_SYSTEM_STATIC_LINK=1 -DNDEBUG -I"." -c -o "bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0\release\link
-static\error_code.o" "libs\system\src\error_code.cpp"
...failed gcc.compile.c++ bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0\release\link-static\error_code.o.
...skipped <pbin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0\release\link-static>libboost_system-mgw44-1_41
.lib(clean) for lack of <pbin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0\release\link-static>error_code.o.
...skipped <pbin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0\release\link-static>libboost_system-mgw44-1_41
.lib for lack of <pbin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.4.0\release\link-static>error_code.o...
...skipped <pstage\lib>libboost_system-mgw44-1_41.lib for lack of <pbin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-min
[more similar errors]
So for some reason, it cannot find libs\system\src\error_code.cpp,
which is actually located at
Am I supposed to somehow specify the exact path where it should
be looking? I tried adding the option --build-dir=C:\Dev\Libraries\boost,
but I still get the same error.
One suspicious thing that I noticed is that without the --build-dir
option, the bin.v2 folder that is created is C:\Dev\bin.v2, as opposed
to C:\Dev\Libraries\boost\bin.v2 or something like that.
Not sure if this is related to my problem or not.
What am I doing wrong?
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