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Subject: [Boost-users] Defining Statements with Proto
From: David A. Greene (greened_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-12-31 12:29:25

A few years ago, I asked how to define a grammar with
Proto to match something like this:

if_(expr) [
].else [

The answer was to do this:

      struct Grammar;
      struct ExpressionGrammar;
      struct StatementGrammar;

      struct Domain;

      template<typename Expr>
      struct Expression
            : proto::extends<Expr, Expression<Expr>, Domain> {
         typedef proto::extends<Expr, Expression<Expr>, Domain>

         Expression(Expr const & expr = Expr())
               : base_type( expr )

      struct Domain
        : proto::domain< proto::generator< Expression >, Grammar>

      struct If {};

         , if_
         , Domain
         , (If)
         , BOOST_PP_SEQ_NIL

      // Here is the grammar for if_ statements
      // matches if_(e1)[e2]
      struct IfGrammar
            : boost::proto::subscript<
> {};

      // An else_ "operator"
      template<typename Expr>
      struct Expression<
         , typename enable_if<proto::matches<Expr, IfGrammar> >::type
      : proto::extends<Expr, Expression<Expr>, Domain>
               : else_(proto::make_expr<Else>(*this)) {};

            Else, // else is now an "operator"
            Expression<Expr> const
>::type const else_;

      // matches if_(e1)[e2].else_[e3]
      struct IfElseGrammar
            : boost:proto::subscript<
> {};

I didn't understand it then and I don't now. :) However, it seems to
seem to exist anymore (it's not documented, anyway).

So how would this be formulated in modern Boost.Proto? I'm guessing
I will need an expression template wrapper (called Expression<> above) that
uses some combination of BOOST_PROTO_BASIC_EXTENDS,
not all statements have a valid operator() overload and no expressions do.
I guess the grammar will take care of that, yes?

I'm really puzzled about how to do the ".else_" part. I was hoping I could
look to Phoenix to get a clue but it doesn't seem to use Proto.

Any help? Thanks!


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